maandag 23 september 2013

LMDE Update Pack 7


Update Pack 7 was released as the “latest” update pack today.  If you’re not using Linux Mint Debian, please ignore this post.
If you experience issues or if you’re going through the update at the moment, don’t hesitate to connect to the IRC chatroom (, #linuxmint-debian)

How to upgrade

1. Make sure your mirror is up-to-date
It is not safe to upgrade any package unless your mirror points to UP7
Here is the current status of the LMDE mirrors:
  • UP7:
  • UP6:
To select another mirror:
  • Make sure “mint-debian-mirrors” is installed
  • Open a terminal and run the following command: mint-choose-debian-mirror
2. Check your APT sources
  1. In the Update Manager, click on the “Update Pack Info” button
  2. Make sure “Your system configuration” shows up as green and doesn’t show any warnings or errors.
  3. If you see a warning or an error, follow the instructions given and repeat the process until they’re gone.
3. Read about the Update Pack
In the “Update Pack Info” window of the Update Manager, make sure to read all the information related to Update Pack 7. Some of it might be irrelevant to you, but it will only take you a minute and it might save you hours.
4. Upgrade the packages
When you’re ready and you know all that there is to know, press the “Install Updates” button.
During the update you’ll be asked a few things. One is quite important.. the new kernel will ask you where to install Grub. Answer with the location of your current Grub menu (which on most systems is “/dev/sda“).


Will LMDE get new ISO images with Update Pack 7?
LMDE ISOs will be updated with Update Pack 8 after the Mint 16 release to feature MATE 1.8, Cinnamon 2.0 and all the improvements planned for the upcoming version of Linux Mint.

woensdag 11 september 2013

Latest news

  • First of all, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who are funding us. August is our last month in partnership with Blue Systems and with Opera moving to a new engine and new versions of their browser not yet being available to Linux, we might lose our two biggest sponsors next months. The financial help we get from the community is helping us a lot and it’s also a huge motivation considering how supportive you are. Looking at other Free and Open Source projects and at how hard it is to sustain such activity without corporate funding, we feel really privileged and extremely grateful. Many thanks to all the donors and all the sponsors for their support.
  • In partnership with CompuLab, the MintBox 2 should be announced in the coming days. At roughly the same price as its predecessor the new unit will boast 4 times the processing power.
  • We’re planning to include 2 new search engines in Linux Mint 16. Details will be given and announcements made when agreements are finalized.
  • LMDE’s Update Pack 7 landed in ‘incoming’. The team noted a couple of important issues and is currently working on solving them.
  • Development continues in preparation for Mint 16 (note that these improvements will also land in LMDE and Mint 13):
    • Improvements were made to the USB Image Writer and a new tool was developed to format USB Sticks. The tool supports FAT32, EXT4 and NTFS.
    • Cinnamon sound events are now configurable (so you can set your own sounds for desktop login, maximizing windows, switching workspace etc..). The design was shared with the MATE team so we might see this get into MATE 1.8 as well.

    • There’s good news for people with multiple monitors: The Cinnamon display module was improved and the team is currently considering a redesign of the panels which would make it possible to move panels, create multiple panels on the screen, and assign different panels to different monitors.
  • Between now and November, the development team will focus on the following projects: architectural improvements and redesigns for MDM and mintUpdate, UI improvements in mintInstall and mintWelcome, additional features in nemo and Cinnamon.