vrijdag 19 september 2014

Linux Mint 17.1 codenamed ‘Rebecca’

Codenames on the 17.1 series were allowed to break the tradition. They won’t start with a Q, as they should, but with an R instead. It wasn’t easy to find a codename starting with Q initially, and with the move to LTS it’s getting harder and harder as the series might get a total of 4 or more releases.
The first 17.x point release will be Linux Mint 17.1 codename ‘Rebecca’.
Rebecca is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is “to bind”. The name was borne in the Bible by the wife of Isaac. It was also made famous since 1938 by the book from Daphne du Maurier entitled “Rebecca” and adapted into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock in 1940.
Despite its “R” name, Rebecca will share the same base as Qiana. Linux Mint 17 users will have the choice to upgrade or not, and that upgrade will be both easy and safe.