donderdag 1 november 2012

Linux Mint Store

In partnership with CompuLab, ThinkPenguin, OSDisc and HELLOTUX, we are proud to announce a new section on our website: The Linux Mint Store.

All the Mint products sold by our partners are now browsable on the website
As a GNU/Linux distribution, we specialize in distributing, packaging and developing software. We’re extremely focused and we do not produce, sell or ship anything. Thanks to a network of strong and reliable partners we are now able to provide Linux Mint products to the community while creating another source of income for the distribution.
Items in the Linux Mint store link to our partners websites where purchases of the items can be made.
I’d like to thank all our partners for the quality of their work and of our relationship with them and all the people who enjoy these items and whose purchases contribute to support our project.
You can visit the store by following this link:

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