vrijdag 21 december 2012

LMDE Update Pack 6


Update Pack 6 was released as the “latest” update pack today.  If you’re not using Linux Mint Debian, please ignore this post.
If you experience issues or if you’re going through the update at the moment, don’t hesitate to connect to the IRC chatroom (irc.spotchat.org, #linuxmint-debian)

How to upgrade

1. Make sure your mirror is up-to-date
It is not safe to upgrade any package unless your mirror points to UP6
Here is the current status of the LMDE mirrors:
  • UP6:
    • http://debian.linuxmint.com/
    • http://mirror.rts-informatique.fr/linuxmint/debian/
    • http://debian.lth.se/lmde/
    • http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/debian.linuxmint.com/debian/
    • http://lmde-mirror.gwendallebihan.net/
    • http://lmde-mirror-fr-1.wedrop.it/
    • http://tux.rainside.sk/mint/debian/
    • http://mirror.internode.on.net/pub/linuxmint-debian/
    • http://mirror.metrocast.net/linuxmint-debian/
To select another mirror:
  • Make sure “mint-debian-mirrors” is installed
  • Open a terminal and run the following command: mint-choose-debian-mirror
2. Check your APT sources
  1. In the Update Manager, click on the “Update Pack Info” button
  2. Make sure “Your system configuration” shows up as green and doesn’t show any warnings or errors.
  3. If you see a warning or an error, follow the instructions given and repeat the process until they’re gone.
3. Read about the Update Pack
In the “Update Pack Info” window of the Update Manager, make sure to read all the information related to Update Pack 6. Some of it might be irrelevant to you, but it will only take you a minute and it might save you hours.
4. Upgrade the packages
When you’re ready and you know all that there is to know, press the “Install Updates” button.
During the update you’ll be asked a few things. One is quite important.. the new kernel will ask you where to install Grub. Answer with the location of your current Grub menu (which on most systems is “/dev/sda“).


Will LMDE get new ISO images with Update Pack 6?
Yes, we’re planning to release LMDE Update Pack 6 for the following editions in January 2013:
  • Cinnamon
  • MATE

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